Good luck to all those walking in the Queenscourt Star Trek tonight. This is close to our hearts as it is where our chair of governors Ann Taylor was cared for in her last remaining days.
Living, Loving, Learning as followers of Jesus Christ

Year 1

In Year 1 we Live, Love and Learn as followers of Jesus Christ.

Here are some examples of the work we continue to enjoy based on our RE ‘Come and See’ scheme.

Our current topic is meals.  During this topic children have been thinking about special meals that link to their own personal experience.  For example, a family meal, a meal at Christmas time, a birthday meal or a meal at school.  They have looked at how this is a special experience when shared with friends and family.

Children have also learned about Jesus’ special meal.  They have talked about The Last Supper and have recognised how this is remembered during Mass at Communion time.  They have learned how the special gifts are prepared for the offertory and know that the parish family receive Jesus by eating the bread and drinking the wine during Holy Communion.  They recognise that this is a special time to thank Jesus and to remember him.  The children have learned The Our Father prayer and have talked about their own prayer to say thank you for our meals.

We shared a special picnic meal together as a class.