Good luck to all those walking in the Queenscourt Star Trek tonight. This is close to our hearts as it is where our chair of governors Ann Taylor was cared for in her last remaining days.
Living, Loving, Learning as followers of Jesus Christ

Year 4

In Year 4 we Live, Love and Learn as followers of Jesus Christ.

Here are some examples of the work we continue to enjoy based on our RE ‘Come and See’ scheme.

Our current topic is Eucharist – Giving and Receiving.  We started by looking at the different acts of giving and receiving that we experience every day.  We talked about giving our time to people, listening, caring and helping others.  We also discussed giving forgiveness when we receive an apology.  The children created role plays demonstrating some of these ideas.  We have then gone on to look at the Eucharist service, in particular, The Gathering.  We have looked at the Penitential Act and the idea of making mistakes and accepting responsibility for them.  We will be continuing to look at the Communion Rite and the children will be sharing their thoughts about Holy Communion.