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Holy Family

Catholic Primary School

Living, Loving, Learning as followers of Jesus Christ





Our Ethos and Values


Welcome to Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Southport.


On behalf of the pupils, parents, staff and governors I would like to extend, to you and your family, a warm welcome to Holy Family Catholic Primary School. We are very proud of our nurturing environment here at school; encouraging all children to reach their full potential and celebrating the uniqueness of us all.

Holy Family is a school that our children, staff, parents and governors are proud of.  We strive to promote the values of faith throughout our daily life.  We provide a religious syllabus, which develops our children's knowledge and understanding of our faith while providing a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that develops the potential of all our pupils.

Meeting the needs of children, inspiring a love of challenging learning and aspiring to Christian values, can best be achieved by close co-operation between home, school and parish. Without the involvement of parents, our task is that much more difficult and less enjoyable.  Therefore we hope that parents will take a close interest in what their children are doing in school and encourage and support their child's learning.


Here at Holy Family, we are constantly striving to improve our school to provide the best possible safe, nurturing, learning environment for your children.



Code of Conduct

Respect ourselves, each other and our environment

Keep ourselves and each other safe

Listen to each other and talk through our problems

Take responsibility for our actions

Go for green in all that we do



Our most recent OFSTED visit (2019) stated that we are a GOOD school. The report commented that:

* Holy Family Catholic Primary School is a vibrant, welcoming school. There is a strongly shared commitment, by you and your staff, to set high expectations for all pupils.

* Holy Family School is a warm and welcoming place where pupils enjoy learning. The care of your pupils is at the heart of the culture that you have created.

* Pupils’ positive behaviour is a strength; pupils show respect and get on well together. Pupils enjoy excellent relationships with staff.

* From the moment they (the children)  start the school day, to the moment they leave for home, pupils are encouraged to try their best.

* They  (the children) demonstrate an understanding of the principles around tolerance and respect for others. This is also evident in the excellent manners and respect shown by pupils throughout the day. They (the children) were courteous to all adults and to one another. * They (the children) cooperated well in lessons and supported one another.

* You provide a supportive and caring environment that enables all pupils to flourish, regardless of their background. This starts from the time that the children enter the school’s Reception class, through to the end of Year 6.


Our RE Inspection (2019– Archdiocese of Liverpool), which deemed us

as remaining as ‘an OUTSTANDING Catholic school’ commented on:

* Pupils truly appreciate, value and actively participate in the Catholic Life at Holy Family. They know, own and live out their Mission Statement, ‘Living, loving and learning as followers of Jesus Christ,’ every day. ·

* Pupils show a deep respect for themselves and others as made in the image and likeness of God. The behaviour of pupils is exemplary.

* Pupils enthusiastically embrace the demands that being members of the school community entails such as becoming school and eco councillors, prefects, buddies, play leaders, worship warriors and welcome ambassadors.

* Pupils take full advantage of the opportunities the school provides for their personal support and development. They have an outstanding sense of belonging and are proud of their school. As a result, they are happy, confident and secure in their own stage of physical, emotional and spiritual growth.



Miss Hilton