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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3’s web page!


Please visit us regularly as we will keep this page updated with all the latest news and goings on. Visit our gallery for photographs and to see examples of our hard work.


Introducing the Staff:

Class Teacher - Miss Veevers

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Rimmer and Mrs Almulla


Espresso Discovery:

Username: student22687

Password: holyfamily


Things to remember:

READING – this is your number one priority! Please try and read every night at home and record it in your reading record. Your book must be signed at least 3 x a week by an adult at home and this will be checked in school every week.

Short, regular reading sessions really make a difference to the progress your child makes.

Book bags should be brought into school on Monday and Friday only.

Home Learning week beginning 4.1.21

Please complete some of the activities suggested below. Work will be set on Google Classroom later on in the week. (Please contact your class teacher for log in details if you have forgotten them or visit for support in using it)



  • Use the KIRFs sheet to practise the key recall facts for your year group. Maybe an adult or sibling at home could help test you on the key facts.
  • Sumdog – why not challenge yourself by completing some activities. (Email your class teacher if you have lost your log in details)
  • play games on this website to help with instant recall of facts. Suitable for all ages.


Use BBC Bitesize  for KS2 lessons and games or use Espresso (see log in reminder) for games, quizzes and activities.

Oak Academy – Some excellent grammar videos and activities to have a go at.

Spellings – Practise your spellings for each week. You should all have a copy of your spellings at home and they will also be on Google Classroom. You could practise your handwriting using your spelling list and write some sentences using your spelling words.

Handwriting – Practise joining your letters using the booklet attached. There are a number of different activities to do. You don’t need to print of the booklet, you can practise your handwriting on paper.


Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt.

Choose from the tasks below. Any completed work can be shared on Google Classroom:

Research some different topics about Ancient Egypt:

  • What was life like in Ancient Egypt?
  • Why were cats so important to the Ancient Egyptians?
  • What were some of the famous structures such as the Pyramids built/used for?

You could also research some of the different stories and myths from Ancient Egypt.

Create a fact file about a ruler of Ancient Egypt. You should enjoy reading all about them, there are some definite characters! You could include their name, their birth date, a drawing and some interesting information about them!

Learn the facts on the Knowledge Organiser. Can you teach someone you know some of the facts you have learned?



Our topic this term is Forces and Magnets.

Use the Knowledge Organiser to learn some key facts. Why not use Espresso or BBC Bitesize to learn more about the subject. You could research a famous scientist such as Isaac Newton.



Our Art topic this term is Egyptian Art. One of the artists we will be looking at is Hemiunu.  Look at the following website to learn more about their life and work. You could try creating some of your own work in the style of the artist.


Home learning during longer periods of absence

If you are off for longer than a day your class teacher will set work on Google Classroom for you to complete and all instructions will be given on there. You will need to log in each day and submit your completed work. It is fine to submit photographs of your finished work if it is difficult attaching documents online.  You could also send them to our class email at

  • Homework is set on a Friday and is due in on Tuesday morning.
  • PE is on a Monday remember to wear your PE on these days.
  • Please bring water bottles in daily.

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